The Film

After exploring and researching the Hendricks Lake treasure legend as a hobby, we began to realize that there was a story to be told among the past attempts and searches, one that would show a unique cross section of East Texas history and lore. We believe it’s an incredible story that deserves to be told. We then decided to create a documentary film in order to showcase these points, alongside using the film as a vehicle to showcase our goal of finding the truth behind the legend.

We will focus narratively on our journey in exploring the legend, its history, and developments that may occur as we delve into the search ourselves. In order to tell the story of the Hendricks Lake treasure, we plan to conduct interviews with local residents and historical experts. We also plan to include many interviews with individuals and their families who were directly involved in recent searches for the treasure. This will be intertwined with our own research and discoveries. We also believe there is new information that can be gained from reviewing historical documents and speaking to those who were involved over the years. This information will be used in an attempt to prove or disprove each individual part of the legend, from Jean Laffite’s involvement to possible resting places for the treasure. We hope to find any and all truth surrounding the legend and separate fact from folklore to determine how the legend formed. After all, legends must start somewhere.



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